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Office Equipment and Furniture That Make a Difference

With the clamor to be more environmentally-responsible, manufacturers of office equipment are slowly rising up to the challenge of producing green products. Green products mean energy-efficient, less pollution, less carbon emission, and more concern for environmental sustainability.Every year with no regards for the environment, energy and resources are wasted. According to the Energy Star website, “if every home office product purchased in the U.S. this year were Energy Star qualified, Americans would save $200 million in annual energy costs while preventing almost 3 billion pounds of greenhouse gases, which is equivalent to the emissions of 250,000 cars.”That’s a pretty good figure for the environment.But what is an Energy Star? How does it make a difference to the environment?An Energy Star signifies the fact that the office equipment or home appliance you plan to purchase helps conserve energy by using energy-efficient designs. This allows them to use less energy than those with no Energy Star seal to accomplish standard tasks. The equipment also goes into a low-power mode automatically when not in use.Office equipments are generally turned on for the most part of the day even after office hours. There is reduced carbon emission if the devices are developed in an energy-efficient manner and there are power management features. You are, in turn, reducing your carbon footprint and doing your part in alleviating the climate change phenomenon.The Energy Star seal also applies to accessories including external power adapters and cordless handsets.Another environment-friendly feature you should look for is the compliance of the manufacturer of the office equipment you plan to purchase to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive. Under this decree, everyone having to do with in the manufacture, selling and distribution, recycling or treating of any electronic and electrical appliances is required to reduce waste generation and to improve environmental performance of these products.Companies which manufacture, sell, and distribute office equipment are accountable for taking back and recycling their products. Recycling of these equipments will follow a strict protocol, with every bit of entire device reprocessed piece by piece, making sure that unsafe materials are properly taken care of.Purchasing energy-efficient office equipment earns savings from lower energy expenses, encourages innovation and creativity, and promotes environmental awareness. Clients will appreciate the company’s efforts of becoming an environmentally responsible business.You should also take into account the materials and the processes which were used in the manufacture of the office equipment. Opt for eco-friendly equipment and greener manufacturing processes. Purchase office equipment and furniture which are sustainably harvested woods and recycled, bio-based, or nontoxic materials, and made with glues, paints, foams, and other ingredients that don’t give off noxious odors.You can make a difference. You can reduce your carbon footprint. You can choose to be environment-friendly with the office equipment you purchase.The Environmental Defense Fund suggests great tips to be more energy-efficient in your workplace. It would be even better if you can apply them at home as well.1. Install an automated energy management system
2. Install occupancy sensors to control lighting
3. Switch to energy efficient lighting
4. Activate power-saving settings on office equipment
5. Install energy management software on PCs
6. Purchase Energy Star certified office equipment
7. Tune-up or replace inefficient heating/cooling systemsOffice equipment and products don’t need to be expensive. Some are even cheaper because they are made from recycled materials. In the long run, you save a lot on the electric bill and repair, and more importantly, you are doing your part in reducing your impact and making a positive change to the environment.It is never too late. Be a smart buyer. Be a conscientious user.